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Be Aware of Toxic Massage

In the article written by Sayer Ji, Founder of, titled: Toxic Massage: The Dark Side of A Highly Therapeutic Modality Sayer points out that: “… your massage could include a significant dose of crude oil distillates and hormone-mimicking chemicals that are on the world watch-list of carcinogens, but are somehow still allowed into your

Cupping and Massage Cupping

Cupping Cupping is a traditional, time honored treatment favored by millions of people worldwide because it’s safe, comfortable and remarkably effective for many health issues. It’s use of suction, rather than compression for bodywork ranging from myofascia release to lymphatic drainage — and everything in between!  Cupping rapidly facilitates rigid soft tissue release, loosens &

A Luxury Or Necessity? Massage Tucson AZ

Healing Massage AZ serving Tucson, Sahuarita, and Green Valley AZ offers relaxation that won’t stress your wallet. And speaking of stress … How is it that wearing ones stress and exhaustion as a badge has become a source of pride in American culture? Many of us are not only burning the candle at both ends, were

Why you need to use Magnesium Oil for your Next Massage

Our skin, the largest organ of the body has three primary functions i.e. controlling the temperature, detoxification, function of barrier. The barrier function of the skin helps in keeping the water and moisture inside the body, while keeping the toxins and germs out of the body. Many kind of substances pass inside the body through

The Essential Benefits Of Sports Massage Tucson

Sports massage aids the repair of soft tissue injuries such as shoulder pain, back pain, ankle sprains, groin strains, shin splints and the like. Sports massage techniques are mostly the same as traditional massage, however, the focus is to reactivate the damaged tissue. An application of repeated deep pressure to the injured area will help revive

Magnesium Oil Massage – Tucson AZ

Magnesium Oil Massage in Tucson AZ The Magnesium Oil which is also called as transdermal magnesium is a mixture of magnesium Chloride in water. It is applicable to skin. The magnesium is absorbed through the skin and is considered very beneficial for health. It is very useful in treatment of magnesium deficiency, for relieving muscle

Massage Therapy Tucson, Green Valley, and Sahuarita AZ

  Massage therapy dates back to before 2700 BC.  There is evidence of massage therapy in ancient Egypt and China.  Massage was described in the writings in China and in the hieroglyphics on the walls of pyramids in Egypt.  Originating in China and Egypt, massage therapy later spread to Greece and Rome.   There is evidence

1 hour in-home massage $87 ALL INCLUSIVE

LOCK IT IN – $87 price offer! The Healing Massage AZ in home, concierge style massages are all-inclusive.  The $87 one-hour massage includes the tip, travel, setup, EVERYTHING.  No gas surcharge, no uncomfortable figuring out how much to tip – one fee, all-inclusive.  AND we come to YOU! To take advantage of this one low

Best Valentines Day Gift — give the gift of a massage or a couples massage

Looking for a great Valentines Day gift? Flowers die, chocolates are dangerous … How about giving a massage?  Or arrange a couples massage for you and your valentine. We’ll provide you a gift certificate to present to your Valentine.  Then all they need to do is email or call to schedule an appointment.  And best

Massage for Arthritis

Can Massage Help Relieve The Pain of Arthritis? Massage is much more than just a personal indulgence. Ask someone who has used massage therapy to manage chronic pain caused by arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.  The branch of the National Institutes of Health, which is The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), says that

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