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Cupping is a traditional, time honored treatment favored by millions of people worldwide because it’s safe, comfortable and remarkably effective for many health issues. It’s use of suction, rather than compression for bodywork ranging from myofascia release to lymphatic drainage — and everything in between!  Cupping rapidly facilitates rigid soft tissue release, loosens & lifts connective tissues, breaks up and drains stagnation while increasing blood and lymph flow to skin and muscles in ways not possible using compression. That’s why 30 minutes of cupping is equivalent to 1 hour of massage!

Cupping Therapy causes tissues to release toxins, stimulate the lymphatic, skin and circulatory systems, clear colon blockages, reduce stretch marks, reducing the dimpling look of cellulite, and improve varicose veins.

On the deeper therapeutic level, cupping is beneficial for many conditions including:

  • Asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, fibromyalgia, and neuralgia.

Cupping bodywork is also used for traumatic injuries, stubborn conditions, orthopedic conditions, deep tissue and sports massage, trigger points, lymphatic drainage, abdominal massage, neurological dysfunctions, myofascial release and reflexology.  Cupping is especially exceptional in massage for health maintenance and relaxation.

Massage CuppingCupping and Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping is the combination of massage movements and cupping.  Cupping provides negative pressure with the use of a suction device on the skin. A cup is positioned on the skin at the area to be treated and, depending on the type of cups being used; a vacuum is created within the cup to draw the skin and underlying tissue into the cup. The vacuum produced creates a suction that increases blood and lymphatic circulation systemically while relaxing the muscle tissue.  The suction also draws stagnation, pathogenic factors and toxins out of the body and releases a myriad of pain causing factors.

The suction can range from light to heavy. This, along with the massage movements performed and areas treated by the therapist will produce stimulating/toning or sedating/draining effects. It is very important that therapists effectively assess your condition (physical, mental and emotional) before the treatment, so they employ the proper application of the cups to produce the desired outcome.  For this reason it is important to have a therapist certified (we’re ICTA certified!) in cupping.

Facial Cuppingfacial cupping

Women in Russia, Europe and Asia have been using negative pressure facial exercises for rejuvenation and maintenance for generations.  Protocols for the face use small cups to vacuum and lift the facial tissue, increasing lymphatic drainage.  This method replicates the effects of equipment used in most beauty salons.

The benefits include increased circulation and nutrients brought to the skin and enhanced absorption of facial topical (facials).  The drainage of stagnant fluids will reduce edema and chronic puffiness.  Lines, wrinkles and scar tissue soften from cupping, making it an effective and surprisingly relaxing facial treatment.

Sinus infections and inflammation are also directly relieved by the loosening and draining effects of the cups, often resolving issues without more traditional treatments.

**Don’t get facial cupping if you had Botox injections!

Benefits of Cupping

  • Deep tissue work and release without discomfort
  • Moves stagnation and drains fluids
  • Relieves Inflammation
  • Nervous System Sedation
  • Breaks Up and Expels Congestion
  • Stretches Muscle and Connective Tissues
  • Loosens Adhesions
  • Pulls blood supply to the Skin
  • Facilitates the movement of Qi and Blood systemically and locally
  • Dispels wind, damp and cold to treat muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and arthritis
  • Strengthens the immune system by promoting the flow of lymphatic fluid
  • Treats excess heat conditions, fever, stress, depression and anxiety
  • Cleans the blood and lymph and helps to balance PH levels

Cupping Therapy works for:

  • Colds & Influenza
  • Headaches
  • Abscesses
  • Arthritis
  • Intercostal Neuralgia
  • Intestinal disorders
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Sciatica
  • Rheumatism
  • High blood pressure, stroke and arteriosclerosis
  • Bronchial asthma & congestion
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Kidney disorders (including frequent/urgent urination)
  • Dispels colds and respiratory infections
  • Relieves gastrointestinal symptoms such as stomachache, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Liver disorders
  • Gallbladder disorders
  • Dermatological disorders
  • Depression
  • Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Anxiety & insomnia
  • Post-injury trauma
  • Post-surgery adhesions
  • Cellulite
  • Musculo-skeletal problems: pain, spasms, cramps, tightness, numbness, stiffness of the back and neck
  • Chronic gastric pain
  • Vertigo
  • Menopausal discomforts
  • Activates the skin, clears stretch marks and wrinkles and improves varicose vein

The Signature Cupping Marks

What’s the explanation of the marks or discolorations that sometimes occur as a result of cupping therapy that were visible on Olympic summers?

One of the common misconceptions concerning cupping is the misinterpretation of the discoloration as “bruising”.  But bruising is caused by impact trauma an is the result of the breakage of capillaries. There is no compression in properly employed cupping therapy. That said, it is quite common during Stationary Cupping (left static for 5 – 20 minutes) to achieve dramatic ‘marks’ or ‘discolorations’.  However these are minimized with smaller cups and the less aggressive action of moving the cups.  Moving the cups minimizes the intensity and duration of the discolorations.  Facial cupping is done with very small cups that do not leave marks if done correctly.

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