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IHealingBenefitsofMassagef you thought that massages were meant for the rich and the royal alone, you’re not the only one.  But that mindset is fast changing. Today there are spas everywhere with well over 60 spas in Tucson, Sahuarita and Green Valley AZ alone.  And, one of the most popular spa services is beneficial massage therapies. Here is the lowdown on the benefits of massage.

1. Improved Circulation

Any basic massage will help improve the blood circulation in the body. When we exercise, move or stretch our limbs, the blood vessels are stretched as well which improves the blood circulation to different parts of the body. The same effect is achieved by massaging as well. When you massage a part of your body, you stimulate the skin cells and the blood vessels which lie beneath the epithelia skin layer. The intake and exchange of oxygen and other nutrients are increased as well as the toxins are released by the surrounding cells into the blood stream. This is the normal process that goes on but the circulation activity is enhanced when a massage is given.

2. Strengthened Immunity System

A massage also has the beneficial effect of enhancing the immune system. As the blood circulation is improved, the toxins are removed with greater efficiency from the body. A heightened circulation system will help remove toxins, release stress and bring about a better balance in the metabolic system. This in turn enhances or strengthens the immune system.

3. Improved Nervous System

Massages effect the nervous system as well. When a physical massage is given, the nerves which lie beneath the skin are stimulated. That enhances the nervous system performance. Often, due to lack of exercise and a sluggish metabolism, the nervous system gets bundled up in several places and response to different stimuli is delayed. When you get a massage, the nerve endings which are beneath the skin get stimulated and their performance gets heightened. This in turn leads to stress release, better coordination between the brain and the limbs, better concentration and physical performance.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure are also known to benefit from massages. Most often, such patients are victims of chronic stress and tension. As the physical act of a massage is relaxing, it helps to calm the mind, as well as, relaxes the body. The nervous system is stimulated and the mind is alert but at ease. Those who suffer from blood pressure problems often find their symptoms improving from regular massage therapies.

5. Relief from Pain and Muscle Fatigue

Those who are in pain or are suffering from muscle fatigue can often get relief with massage therapy. The right kind of therapeutic massage can help relieve the pain from joints, tissues and other areas of the body. There are massage treatments that are designed to eliminate pain from different parts of the body. Doctors will often prescribe therapeutic massage for patients in pain or who need increased circulation.  For athletes who suffer from muscle fatigue, they can find relief by undergoing massage treatments. There are deep tissue massages which are based on scientific techniques to help alleviate pain and stress from muscles and deep tissues.

6. Improved Mood and Cognitive Performance

With such benefits of massages, it is apparent that a massage session will improve your mood, tensions and outlook towards life in general. When stress and fatigue cloud our reasoning and impair our concentration, undergoing a relaxing massage will definitely help one to find relief from stress, tension and see improved cognitive performances in work and studies. Thus, it is not only ideal for working professionals but also for teenagers and young adults who have hectic work or study schedules. Even if one is fit and healthy, undergoing a massage session will only benefit them physically as well as emotionally.

Even though there are several spas located in every neighborhood in most cities, many people often find it hard to make the time to schedule an appointment and then drive to and from the appointment. For those of us who are busy, it can be more convenient and less stressful to have an in home massage.  Getting a massage done by an expert in the comfort of your own home is unparalleled in convenience.  And what if you had a standing date?

In Home Massage Green Valley AZ | In Home Massage Sahuarita AZ | In Home Massage Tucson AZ

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By Lora Gutierrez, Certified Massage Therapist


  1. Sandra on July 18, 2015 at 8:24 am said:

    There are more correlational stiueds supporting the idea that regular massage sessions can help decrease the symptoms associated with clinical depression. Unfortunately, I have no direct references to support this claim. However, after speaking with a psychiatrist, who within the last year, visited a national educational convention, stated hearing many references to research that supports this concept. Some of the benefits included the regulation of seratonin levels and the decrease of stress-linked sterols in the bloodstream. Most people reported a better sense of well-being in general. These subjects may have received one hour massages once per week for 8-10 weeks. However, once every two weeks should still be effective.

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