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Massage therapy dates back to before 2700 BC.  There is evidence of massage therapy in ancient Egypt and China.  Massage was described in the writings in China and in the hieroglyphics on the walls of pyramids in Egypt.  Originating in China and Egypt, massage therapy later spread to Greece and Rome.   There is evidence of Massage therapy practices also being used in India dating back to 3000 BC.  Massage therapy continues to be used as part of India’s Ayurvedic medicine.

Massage therapy was widely used in the United States in the late 1880s and continues today to be an accepted and recognized form of therapy.  It is no coincidence that Massage, in all its forms, has gained in popularity and practice because of the wide range of benefits it brings.

Massage Therapy in Tucson, Green Valley, and Sahuarita

There is an almost unlimited list of benefits of Massage Therapy.   Here is a partial list of both physical and emotional benefits:

Benefits of Massage

  • Relieves stress
  • Soothes muscle tension
  • Helps diminish the discomfort of pregnancy
  • Helps sore muscles and sprains heal faster by increasing blood flow to the area
  • Muscle spasms are eased
  • Helps you become more flexible
  • Athletes benefit greatly before and after exercise
  • Sports injuries, work injuries can be treated
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Breathing becomes deeper
  • Aids movement of lymph fluids
  • Helps tension headaches
  • Helps eye strain
  • Nourishes skin as more blood circulation is brought to the surface
  • Posture is improved
  • Immune system is strengthened
  • Used for post operative rehabilitation
  • Helps rehabilitation after an injury
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Helps in grieving
  • Helps to lower habitual anger responses
  • Relaxes your muscles and your mind
  • Helps give you a sense of calm
  • Helps people deal with depression
  • Helps people have relief from emotional injuries of the past

And you can get all this in YOUR home!

Massage Therapy Tucson

Massage Therapy has become a modality that helps people to heal physically and emotionally — an it’s available locally in Green Valley AZ, Sahuarita AZ, and Tucson AZ.  In order to take advantage of the benefits of massage therapy, make an appointment today for our in home massage.

Our introductory rates are VERY low and you can get those rates on-going with out – Lock It In Offer.  You will be pleased with the results, just as others have been over the ages.

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