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Healing Massage AZ serving Tucson, Sahuarita, and Green Valley AZ offers relaxation that won’t stress your wallet.massage tucson

And speaking of stress … How is it that wearing ones stress and exhaustion as a badge has become a source of pride in American culture? Many of us are not only burning the candle at both ends, were are also a little burned in the middle. What price are we paying for allowing ourselves to remain stuck in the on position?

In an effort to provide an affordable solution for the ever-increasing stresses of modern life, Healing Massage AZ serving Tucson, Sahuarita, and Green Valley AZ is offering a solution at prices that are less stressful to the average wallet.  In fact, it is the stress and pain reduction at an affordable price that attracted owner Lora Gutierrez, a life-long resident of Tucson, to start Healing Massage AZ.

Lora and her staff offer in home massage or on location massage.  According to Lora:

Getting an in home massage is less stressful.  You don’t have to deal with driving to and from.  You save time to work on other things and there’s no traffic to deal with.

To make things even less stressful, Healing Massage AZ offers all inclusive pricing that includes the tip and everything.  You don’t have to stress over how much to tip.  It’s included!

While the average hour-long massage session can cost between $75 and $125 at many salons and spas,  typical rates mentioned do NOT include tip and sometimes other charges.

Many therapists and spas have an introductory price or initial discount, but Healing Massage AZ’s initial price is your permanent price.  It’s a win-win!  You continue paying the low flat, all inclusive rate and Healing Massage can appropriately plan for upcoming months.  You maintain the rate simply by prepaying for your next month of massages.

I’ve been going for massage therapy for over 20 years, but usually only 4 times a year, because it was pricey. Now, at these rates, I can afford to get massages every week and I love it!

Cathy said upon completing her first Healing Massage.

You feel yourself beginning to relax as soon as the doorbell rings.  They bring everything needed including music.  It’s so stress free.

Said Cathy Callahan, a resident of Tucson, who works in legal administration and as a dance teacher.  Cathy considers herself “pretty hyper” and she strongly recommends massage therapy to friends and family.  “I can spend at least three hours a day alone at the computer, and I can feel the stress rising throughout my body, said Cathy.

But when I come out of a massage session in my own home and I don’t have to drive anywhere, I’m just so relaxed.  All your cares seem to just slip away.

To schedule your massage today, call or text Lora at (520) 982-4909 and to check out our Lock It In rate, click here.

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