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Myofascial Massage & Connective Tissue

Myofascial Massage in Green Valley, Sahuarita, and Tucson AZ

What is Myofascial Massage?

Myofascial Massage is concerned with relieving pain caused by tightening of the myofascial tissues. These are thin fibrous tissues connecting

Myofascial Massage Green Valley AZ

Myofascial Massage Green Valley AZ

your muscles to your bones.  These fascial tissues are all throughout your body and are responsible for your body to move and function properly.

Myofascial Massage to Relieve Pain

When the myofascial tissue contracts, it pulls the muscle with it and mobility is limited until the myofascial tissue can be released from this contraction and the muscle, in turn, experiences a loosening. The fascial tissue can also become inflamed from overuse or injury.  This is a painful condition that limits mobility and limits blood flow, which can induce pain.

The goal of Myofascial Massage is to locate the area where the contraction has occurred and to perform a gentle deep and slow pulling motion to cause the fascia to release the contraction, restoring the muscle to normal movement and function.

Myofascial Massage to Help Athletes

Myofascial Massage is also useful to assist athletes in achieving better alignment of their body especially prior to engaging in competitions.   Should the therapist find areas in the body where the muscles feel stiff rather than relaxed, Myofascial Massage will be performed to relax the fascial, muscle and surrounding area.

Fibromyalgia & Myofascial Massage

Sometimes you will hear someone say, “My muscles just hurt and I feel sore all over my body.” They are probably hurting because of pain in their connective tissue, which, interestingly, is all over their body as well.  It isn’t known whether myofascial pain causes fibromalgia or if fibromyalgia causes myofascial pain.  We do know that the two are connected in some way.   We also know that relief from pain can be realized by Myofascial Massage.

In this study1, it was shown, at the conclusion of the study, that fibromalgia patients treated with  20 weeks of Myofascial Massage had less pain and a better quality of life than those who had not been treated.


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