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Our skin, the largest organ of the body has three primary functions i.e. controlling the temperature, detoxification, function of barrier. The barrier function of the skin helps in keeping the water and moisture inside the body, while keeping the toxins and germs out of the body.

Many kind of substances pass inside the body through the outer surface of the skin into the circulation. Well, it is the porous nature of the skin which has millions of tiny openings that allows only sweat and other toxins to escape, but it also enable the absorption of some substances.

Magnesium Oil Massage Health Benefits

The reason why one needs to use the magnesium oil for your next massage is that, by using the magnesium oil massage provides various health benefits. It was confirmed in a study that magnesium oil intake is therefore essential because it reduces muscular pain and therefore heart health. The people who have enough magnesium in their body lives longer as compared to others. The Fatigue, cramps and muscle pains are the signs to show that there is magnesium deficiency in the body. The usage of magnesium oil by massaging or spraying it on a person’s skin is the most effective, convenient and quickest way to transfer magnesium chloride into the tissues and cells.

Although it is possible to get magnesium from a variety of sources, it is seen that many people have magnesium deficiency in their diets. Most of the people gets half the amount of magnesium they need. From the pain killers to anti-depressants to the hormone replacement, many people have turned to transdermal therapy. The reason are different for everyone, some may not like gulping down the medicines, some may have digestive problems, or many a times it may just a personal preference.

It is better and safe to use the transdermal therapy rather than any pills or any other thing. One don’t need to worry about any kind of problems such as diarrhea, digestive problem, and need not consume any pills and still get much amount of magnesium as needed. It is really helpful in case of pain, and it could be directly applied to the area which will provide instant results rather than waiting for the pills to work, which takes much longer time. So long as a molecule or iron is small enough to pass through the porous surface of the skin, it will finally end up in the blood stream. The magnesium oil transdermal therapy gets advantage of absorptive properties of the body’s largest organ, making it work for you in the form of a massage.

As we know that the skin is a living and breathing organ which is considered the most efficient organ for the process of detoxification with tremendous potential for re-mineralizing the body. One can increase the amount of absorption by increasing the area of application, the amount of time the application is kept over the skin, increasing the frequency of application, or even applying at different areas of the body.

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